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Cheap Toner Cartridges

​       Any questions, here would be glad to answer.

Q:Are generic brand compatible toner cartridges as good as OEM

manufacturers' cartridges in terms of quality? Is there much difference in price?

A:Compatible cartridges will provide a customer with a good quality printer

performance comparable to new OEM cartridges.

Customers can save from 25% to 50% by buying compatible cartridges.

​Q:Sometimes when a compatible cartridge is installed, a warning prompt states that

"Non-genuine cartridge is installed, continue?" why does this happen?

A:Warning prompt is set by the printer manufacturer.Click YES to continue printing.

There is no impact on printer and printing quality.

Q:After the cartridge is inserted into the printer, why does the printer not recognise

the cartridge?

​A:Take the cartridge out, use a dry cloth or paper tissue to clean the chip and reinstall

the cartridge.

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